Build A Free Website In Minutes - Part 4

We have the website up and running in Part-3. If you have not completed that part, please do so before continuing this part.

Personalize Academic website

This part will include the following sections:

  • Choose the right theme
  • Set the site title
  • Set the copyright
  • Set the site icon
  • Select the sections
  • Set Google Analytics
  • Configure the Menu
  • Add dropdown menu
  • Add your content

Choose the right theme

Check out the available themes and choose a design you love. Set the configuration in file ‘site_root/config/_default/params.toml’. I leave the default as is.

theme = "minimal"
Replace the ‘site_root’ with your site root directory.

Set the site title

Set the title in file ‘site_root/config/_default/config.toml’. In my case, the ‘flycoolman’ is used.

title = "flycoolman"

Set the copyright in file ‘site_root/config/_default/config.toml’, i.e.

copyright = "©{year} All Rights Reserved"

Set the site icon

Save your icon image named icon.png and place the image in your root assets/images/ folder, creating the assets and images folders if they don’t already exist.

Select the sections

All the sections of the demo home page in the folder ‘site_root/content/home’. See the picture below:


There is a setting called ‘active’ in each file/section, just set the value to ‘false’, if you don’t want it in your home page.


Set Google Analytics

Set the Google Analytics in file ‘site_root/config/_default/params.toml’ with your Google Analytics Tracking ID.

google_analytics = "UA-123456789-6"
There are many parameters in the file ‘params.toml’, set the ones that you want. They are self-explained

Configure the Menu

The Menu on Navigation bar can be configured by change the settings in file ‘site_root/config/_default/menus.toml’, i.e.

  • Remove current one by deleting or commenting out the corresponding item
  • Rename current one by changing the value of ‘name’
  • Add new one by adding additional part of ‘[[main]]’
  • Rearrange the order by changing the value of ‘weight’

configure-menu menu-after-config

Add dropdown menu

To create a dropdown sub-menu, add identifier = “something” to the parent item and parent = “something” to the child item. The pictures below show how to add dropdown menu in file ‘site_root/config/_default/menus.toml’.

dropdwon-menu-settings dropdwon-menu-example

Add your content

Go to the folder ‘site_root/content/post/’, select one post as template, write your own post. Refer to the links below for markdown syntax.

All set! Enjoy writing!

How-To Academic

How-To Markdown

Add Utterances Comment Engine

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